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MCR Safety Mustang Leather Palm Gloves - X-Large

Item #: MPG1935XL By ( MCR SAFETY )

MPG1935XL | MCR Safety Mustang Leather Palm Gloves
Memphis™ Mustang Leather Palm Gloves: Whether it's a wild mustang or a steel pipe your trying to tame, you will need a tough nut glove that holds up to the kick back. The top grain leather of the Mustang glove lets you feel what your working with and holds up to the abrasion better than split leather.

Industry Applications:
- Durability and dexterity
- Also farming industry
- Construction
- Casting, steel and iron work
- Municipalities and utilities.

- Premium grain leather palm
- Durability and dexterity
- Full feature gunn pattern
- Rubberized safety and gauntlet cuffs
- Pigskin affords the greatest breathability due to the porous texture of this hide
- Becomes softer with use and withstands moisture without stiffening
- Goatskin provides great tactile sensitivity and all day comfort

  •   Item Number: MPG1935XL
  •   12 Pairs
  •   X-Large
  •   2 1/2" cuff length

Shipping Weight per Dozen : 5.93 lbs

NOTE: The product title and description supersedes the picture shown. The picture provided by the manufacturer is not always exact.


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Only: $278.88 Per Dozen


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